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World AIDS Day: blockchain solutions to fight the virus

There are several blockchain solutions aimed at fighting the disease.

In this article, we’ll show you some notable cases of these solutions, ranging from prevention to donation

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS or HIV) is a sexually transmitted disease which, since its first appearance, has made the world tremble. For now, there is no vaccine or definitive cure. However, blockchain can be a great tool.

According to the organization EngenderHealth , an estimated 5,400 citizens around the world are infected each day.

There are currently approximately 37 million people living with HIV. Sixty-eight percent of these people are in sub-Saharan Africa, while 40% of new infections occur in populations under 25.

On December 1, for World AIDS Day , BeInCrypto commemorates this struggle by showcasing blockchain solutions that could help treat the disease.

Healing titles

The “healing titles”, based on blockchain technology, are a project resulting from an alliance formed by the firm Finclusion Finclusion of London and the Blockchain Labs of UBS. The latter donated his blockchain code to create a support platform called the HEAL Alliance , which would be used to issue public securities on Ethereum.

Peter A. Jensen, CEO of Finclusion Systems, has joined UBS Blockchain Labs and is in charge of the HEAL Alliance. The company also received support from sponsors, such as the Center for Virology and Immunology for AIDS Research, Intel and Microsoft.

The initiative aims to eradicate HIV through the distribution of social titles. The funds provided by each security, purchased transparently and securely on the blockchain, will be used for the search for a cure for AIDS.

HEAL Alliance is a non-profit organization. Mr. Jensen explains that the idea of creating “smart titles” stems from the need to make them public and traceable, and to keep them secure. The public also knows that HEAL is seeking to raise up to $ 10 billion by issuing these securities.

Biomedical ancestry

Ancestry Biomedical was an American medical treatment startup outside of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation.

It was led by Aaron Traywick and offered an experimental genetic treatment for people with HIV, which could supposedly be purchased through Ethereum.

The main objective of Ascendance Biomedical was to provide alternative treatment to all citizens who could not afford it. It was supposed to work by reproducing in the patient an antibody identified as “N6”, which was found in a healthy subject carrying the virus and which almost completely suppressed the disease.