Oil Profit Review: Is the Oil Profit app a scam?

The web is filled with information, but it is sometimes frightening, especially when you consider the number of cryptocurrency platforms. A number of these platforms are believed to have incredible opportunities for profit. Certain among these are legitimate and can earn real money. However, they are constrained by the sheer amount of fraud online on the Internet. Oil Profit makes use of oil profits as its basis for its digital currency. It is just beginning to be developed, but Oil Profit claims that its software is completely automated. That is, users of the platform can conduct negotiations even without prior knowledge, as Oil Profit is executed through the use of a „robot“ programmed to trade instead. What makes this possible? Is it actually working? These are definitely questions that are in your head at the moment. We decided to investigate what happens. Then we share our findings in this piece. Follow. This analysis was made by an independent author, and does not reflect the opinion of cryptoeconomy.com.br. Making investments in complex and assets comes with risks and investors are required to take their own risks.

What is Oil Profit?


Oil Profit an oil mining business that is privately owned and located in London and operating across more than 13 countries across the globe. The company claims to offer the best investment tool available to invest its funds in the vast oil industry, and provides assistance and support for people who want to invest in the industry and make profit. The company offers quotas and permits, via its platform, trading of shares that are in crypto. With the help of his computerized software it finds the most profitable deals and trades on behalf the client, making rapid and steady profit. Visit Oil Profit

Is Oil Profit secure?

It is a fact, and just since Oil Profit gets in touch to confirm and verify the identity of the user It is to prove the seriousness with the way the company is committed to security of its customers. On the website of the company you can check the security software’s credentials and software to protect against threats and viruses as well as fraudsters and other people who act in poor trust. The company still holds its regulatory certifications to function as a cryptocurrency exchanger. It is accessible on the site to ensure that all users gain access. 6-1 If you’re not sure about this subject it is possible to search on review websites online for trading platforms . You will discover everything and more details about the opinions of people and the benefits the platform provides security to its customers. Take your time, the more you understand more you know, the more effectively you’ll be able benefit from the platform.

What is the process behind Oil Profit work?

Oil Profit says on its website that the application was designed in a straightforward and clear manner. It is necessary to sign up and deposit an initial amount for trading to get started. You remain completely free access. The program is designed to aid the user make real profits and to find among other actions, the highest prices. The software is able to calculate and forecast with accuracy up to 88%, as per the website of the company. bitcoin up it works Like we’ve already said, Oil Profit uses petroleum as its base and has a very high value when compared with other assets digital. The sector is always generating huge profits , and up until now it was not the reality of those who have limited experience in negotiations with financial markets.

How do I sign up?

Oil Profit did everything to assist in opening accounts on their platform. The process of registration is simple and fast. It is possible to open your account and begin trading Oil within just a few minutes. All you have be doing is to follow these three easy actions: bitcoin up

  1. Open your account

On the homepage on the Oil Profit website you will be able to fill out your registration forms. All you have to do is fill in your basic information that include: Oil Profit

  • Number for phone
  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

After entering your information You will be required to verify your identity. This is a crucial step since it can ensure your security. Also, a experienced Oil Profit broker will contact you with the most current information.

  1. Initial deposit

To begin trading, you have to make a deposit in the beginning at the very least, because for you to invest, you have to have funds. The minimum amount needed for investment is U $250,000 dollars. Deposits can be made in a variety of methods, including electronic transfers, credit cards any of the popular electronic wallets as well as Bitcoin. Oil Profit Certain deposit options are more time-consuming than others, however no one will take more than seven working days. It is crucial to check an official rate for the day since there might be variations and people may be confused about this area.

  1. Beginning with the investment

After the deposit has been completed, it’s now time to gain access to trading commodities, currencies and assets of the largest corporations. Oil Profit offers you the chance to search for the best prices using its software that is automated and can benefit even if prices decrease. Oil Profit as well as its automated approach to the algorithm, will send out updates and notifications every day. These updates are essential and provide important information that will help you decide what is the most profitable investment at the time. Through this system, users can rely on the top technology utilized in the unique algorithms to make sure that you maximize your earnings. This will prevent you from making the same mistakes humans do since the machine rapidly and accurately determines any change in value. Visit Oil Profit

Are the Oil Profit Reliable?

It was really difficult to figure out the way a business could utilize an automated system to exchange oil stocks. However, as we researched to find out more about this latest technique, we read a number of reviews written by people who have used Oil Profit. The majority of reviews are highly positive, and this is in addition to having access to the website you will find more reviews and testimonials regarding its authenticity. 4-1 Oil Profit offers a direct line to customers to address questions, clarify information, and to leave the information to „clean plates“. The brokers are very polite and attentive. They also are able to display their credentials with no difficulty. This helps the client gain the confidence they desire and also confirms that the legitimacy of the firm.

Do you think Oil Profit have a use?

Oil Profit Oil Profit runs online, and you don’t need an application. Additionally because your negotiations are live, the most effective way is to directly connect to the website of the platform. The user will continue to utilize all the software tools on every smartphone available, Android or iOS and any other browser accessible. All you need is an internet connection and is ready to begin trading.

Is Oil Profit an enigma? – Our verdict!

When we looked into Oil Profit’s Oil Profit platform we found a wealth of feedback and information from users who were happy, and others not so. However, we found that the people who aren’t happy with the program were those who were not attentive to learn about the rates that were applied, or did not follow the advice offered by the platform by their brokers. The site also has an Facebook community, where user can post questions and reach out. It is clear the fact that investing in stocks of oil can bring huge returns, but as with all investments it is essential to follow a strategy and specific amount of care when you put your money into motion. The stock is subject to a wide range of fluctuations and can fluctuate from negative to a high positive in a matter of minutes. It is absurd to make huge earnings in a short amount of time and without any effort according to Oil Profit, but we should not overlook the comments and reviews from clients who have remained committed to their platform. We suggest that if you are considering signing to Oil Profit and you want to earn some cash online, you should study the platform before you get prepared. The goals of the platform are real and genuine, the information provided on their web site is clear straightforward, and the technology utilized by the software is more advanced than that of other platforms. However, you must invest on your own responsibility.


What is the maximum amount I can earn from Yuan?

Oil profit comes with a variety of advantages , and the users have various types of value. Many say that by investing $100 per day, you will earn 3percent for 100 days. It’s a passive monthly income of 90% Profit Oil website already talks about profits that is higher than 88%, based on the prices at the market that open and the way it closes

How can I withdraw my earnings from Oil Profit?

Oil Profit gives its customers various ways to withdraw earnings from their virtual wallet. There are a variety of options, including banks, credit cards and an eWallet. We suggest using the same form as to make the initial deposit made. We’ve seen that different assessment criteria are used in relation to the timing of receiving the payment, but there is no more than 30 days. Also, we observed that each bank has a different reaction to the time frame, if it’s done via transfers to a bank. Another aspect that caught our attention was the reports of people charging fees to withdraw profits, however it is not the platform , but rather the contract which customers sign with the bank as well as the country that is charged fees for international transfer. It is vital to inquire from your manager regarding the possibility of charges and fees for foreign transactions as well as the receipt of foreign currencies.

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Bitcoin Machine Bewertung

Was Bitcoin Machine bei Anlegern besonders beliebt macht

Bitcoin Machine zeichnet sich durch niedrige Handelsgebühren und eine große Bandbreite an globalen Märkten aus, mit denen Anleger handeln können. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht der Broker Kontoinhabern den Handel mit mehr Produkten als andere Online-Handelsplattformen. Um ein Gefühl dafür zu bekommen, wie wettbewerbsfähig die Provisionsgebühren von Bitcoin Machine sind, ist es hilfreich, die Gebühren mit denen anderer Online-Broker in Singapur zu vergleichen.

Dennoch sollten sich Anleger darüber im Klaren sein, dass Bitcoin Machine eine monatliche Mindestgebühr von S$10 für Konten mit einem Guthaben zwischen S$2.000 und S$100.000 erhebt, was die Kosten für die Nutzung dieses Brokers für diejenigen, die nicht häufig handeln oder nicht Hunderttausende von Dollar investieren, erheblich erhöhen kann.

Investitionsmöglichkeiten bei Bitcoin Machine

https://www.eureschannel.org/bitcoin-machine-erfahrungen-test/ bietet verschiedene Arten von Brokerage-Konten an, je nachdem, ob Sie als Einzelperson oder gemeinsam investieren. Mit dem Einzelkonto können die Kunden mit Bargeld, Wertpapieren und Portfoliomargen handeln. Außerdem bieten die Online-Plattformen Zugang zu umfassenden Handelsinstrumenten für den Handel mit Aktien, Optionen, Futures, Währungen, Anleihen, Fonds und mehr. Eine Besonderheit bei Bitcoin Machine ist, dass Bitcoin Machine einen Teil der Ersparnisse direkt an den Kunden weitergibt, wenn eine Börse einen Rabatt gewährt. Egal, ob Sie ein neuer oder erfahrener Händler sind, das individuelle Konto von Bitcoin Machine bietet Ihnen alles, was Sie zum Handeln brauchen.

Bitcoin Machine-Gebühren

Bitcoin Machine erhebt einige der niedrigsten Gebühren auf dem Markt. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel in Singapur mit Bitcoin Machine handeln möchten, müssen Sie eine Mindestgebühr von 2,50 S$ und eine Mindestprovision von 0,08 % zahlen. Zum Vergleich: Auf dem Online-Handelsmarkt in Singapur liegt die durchschnittliche Mindestgebühr bei 20 S$, während die Mindestprovision 0,17 % bis 0,22 % pro Handel beträgt. In den folgenden Unterabschnitten werden die Gebühren, die Sie zu zahlen haben, näher erläutert.

Gebühren für Devisenhandel

Bitcoin Machine ist auch eine gute Option für Privatpersonen, die Devisengeschäfte tätigen möchten. Der Grund dafür ist, dass die Devisenspreads der Online-Handelsplattform in der Regel die günstigsten in Singapur sind. Bitcoin Machine erhebt zwar eine Kommissionsgebühr für Devisengeschäfte, aber die Gebühr beläuft sich in der Regel auf ein paar Dollar und ist damit eher zu vernachlässigen.

Sind Sie neu im Social Trading?

Suchen Sie nach einer dynamischen, äußerst effektiven Möglichkeit, Ihr Anlageportfolio zu verwalten? Möchten Sie ein beliebter Investor werden, der von einer Vielzahl von Händlern kopiert wird? Dann sind Sie zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort! Dieser ausführliche Leitfaden erklärt alles, was Sie über Social Trading wissen müssen, auf einfache und klare Weise.

Was ist Social Trading?

Social Trading ist eine schillernde Entwicklung des Online-Handels, die buchstäblich Millionen von Anlegern und Händlern weltweit angezogen hat. Immer mehr Menschen machen sich die unglaublichen Synergieeffekte der „Crowd Wisdom“ zunutze. Dabei erzielen viele dieser Personen ungeahnte Renditen auf ihre Investitionen und haben den Vorteil, von erfahrenen Händlern zu lernen und zu beobachten, wie sie die Finanzmärkte erobern.

Sogar neue Investoren und Händler können jetzt mehr als 1000 Finanzinstrumente (Aktien, Devisen, ETFs, Rohstoffe, Zinssätze, Kryptowährungen und Aktienindizes) mit wenig oder gar keiner Erfahrung in Angriff nehmen, indem sie einfach die Trades erfahrener Händler mit nachgewiesener Rentabilität und akzeptablen Risikowerten kopieren.


Dieser junge beliebte Investor (eToro) erzielte in den letzten 12 Monaten eine Rendite von fast 27%.
Die von der eToro-Redaktion ausgewählten beliebten Investoren haben derzeit eine durchschnittliche 12-Monats-Rendite von mehr als 42%!
(Die vergangene Performance ist kein Hinweis auf zukünftige Ergebnisse)

Soziale Handelsplattformen

Die meisten sozialen Handelsplattformen funktionieren im Grunde auf die gleiche Weise. Anleger können anderen Händlern folgen und deren Geschäfte kopieren, ohne dass dafür zusätzliche Kosten anfallen, die über den Spread und die üblichen Kosten für den Handel, wie z. B. Rollover-Gebühren, hinausgehen.

Der von Social Brokern angebotene Spread ist in der Regel etwas größer als der von normalen Brokern. Dies ist ein Ausgleich für die Provisionen, die an beliebte Anleger gezahlt werden.

Auf sozialen Handelsplattformen können Anleger und Händler in der Regel mit den beliebten Anlegern, die sie kopieren, kommunizieren. Ein weiteres großartiges Merkmal des sozialen Handels ist, dass die Nachahmer sehen können, mit welchen Instrumenten und mit welchen Parametern die beliebten Anleger handeln. Dies trägt zu der großen Lernerfahrung bei, die Social Trading-Umgebungen bieten.

Sollten Sie Ihre eigenen Trades ausführen oder andere Trader kopieren? Oder beides?
Ein hervorragender Aspekt von Social Trading-Plattformen ist die große Flexibilität, die sie den Händlern bei der Verwaltung ihrer Portfolios bieten. Sie können nicht nur den beliebten Anlegern, die sie kopieren, den gesamten Handel übertragen, sondern auch ihren eigenen Handel mit dem Fachwissen versierter und erfahrener Händler kombinieren. Dies kann eine wirklich bequeme Art sein, sein Portfolio zu diversifizieren und einige der besten Trader auf dem Markt dazu zu bringen, einen Großteil der Arbeitslast für einen zu übernehmen, während man von ihnen lernt. Unglaublich!

Natürlich können die Händler den gesamten Handel selbst abwickeln und auch als beliebte Investoren Provisionen verdienen. Indem sie von potenziell Tausenden von Händlern kopiert werden, können sie zusätzlich zu ihren persönlichen Gewinnen ein beträchtliches Einkommen erzielen. Auf diese Weise können talentierte Einzelpersonen in großem Stil Fonds verwalten, ohne die für traditionelle Fondsmanager erforderlichen Lizenzen für Finanzdienstleister zu besitzen.

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La aplicación de monedero para la cadena lateral Bitcoin

La aplicación de monedero para la cadena lateral Bitcoin de CommerceBlock ya está operativa

Para facilitar las transacciones sin problemas y cumplir con los requisitos reglamentarios, CommerceBlock desarrolló la base de código de Ocean sidechain basada en el protocolo de Bitcoin, que incluye funciones fáciles de usar de KYC, lista blanca/blanca y otras funciones reglamentarias.

CommerceBlock, una base de código sidechain basada en el protocolo Bitcoin para la distribución, el intercambio y el almacenamiento de activos y Bitcoin Profit valores tokenizados, ha anunciado hoy el lanzamiento de la primera versión de demostración operativa de Mercury, la implementación de statechain y cartera de privacidad de CommerceBlock.

La implementación del backend y la API del protocolo statechain, junto con la infraestructura de gestión de claves seguras de CommerceBlock (basada en Intel SGX) está completa y el equipo está ahora centrando su atención en la finalización de dos elementos cruciales del sistema completo: la interfaz de monedero de usuario final multiplataforma y la seguridad de la entidad statechain en el hardware físico.

BTC fuera de la cadena sin el bloqueo

El sistema Mercury statechain es una nueva tecnología de segunda capa para Bitcoin que permite realizar transacciones instantáneas de BTC fuera de la cadena sin el bloqueo de capital y los problemas de liquidez de la red Lightning, y sin los problemas de custodia de las sidechains federadas.

Esta versión muestra la interfaz de usuario general, e incluye la capacidad de depositar bitcoins de prueba, transferir una moneda a otra dirección statecoin, y retirar de nuevo a la blockchain de Bitcoin. En esta etapa, los bitcoins de prueba están codificados en el monedero, sin embargo, el protocolo completo y las operaciones clave involucradas en los depósitos, transferencias y retiros están operando con el servidor Mercury de la entidad statechain.

„En las próximas semanas, el entorno de pruebas se conectará a la red pública de pruebas de Bitcoin y se incluirá la funcionalidad de intercambio de monedas. También pondremos en marcha un programa de recompensas por errores para las personas que estén interesadas en participar en las pruebas.“
– El equipo de CommerceBlock

Consulta GitHub para descargar las versiones para Windows, Mac y Linux, y explora la funcionalidad y las características del monedero.

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Bitcoin on front page of The Wall Street Journal

Bitcoin on front page of The Wall Street Journal

Crypto-currencies have again attracted the attention of the mainstream media. The Wall Street Journal spoke on its front page about the Bitcoin rally by 80 percent.

Bitcoin (BTC) has completed a rally and increased by 80 percent in two months. Bitcoin is thus once again attracting the interest of the media. The Wall Street Journal reported on 23 November on the homepage from Bitcoin Code of its website on the acceptance of the crypto currency among institutional investors.

The report states that Bitcoin has recently received support from „Wall Street billionaires“ Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller, as well as from other celebrities, including a sports radio host.

#Bitcoin front page of the Wall Street Journal pic.twitter.com/wD7TUuuMcTp
– WebbDesignz (@DesignzWebb) November 23, 2020

Prior to this report, Bitcoin was rarely present in the mainstream media, despite its rise. And this despite the fact that the increase resulted in share prices that it has not reached for a long time and at the same time it set new records in market capitalization.

In addition to the substantial investments made by hedge fund managers and grayscale investments, the WSJ emphasizes that there is a growing demand among small investors. They can now access crypto assets through well-known financial services companies.

The report states that the volume of Bitcoin in Square’s cash app was $1.6 billion in the third quarter of 2020

This compares to a total of only $555 million in 2019. Trading activity on the U.S. stock exchange ItBit also increased sharply after it was announced that PayPal’s Bitcoin trade would be processed through the platform.

On the same day, PayPal CEO Dan Shulman predicted on CNBC that the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin would lead to crypto assets „evolving from a pure asset class to a currency“. He also said:

„As paper money is slowly disappearing, another type of transaction is becoming established, central banks, particularly in the retail sector, will have to replace paper money with digital fiat currencies“.

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Las instituciones dejan caer el oro por Bitcoin mientras los comerciantes se preparan para el lanzamiento de Ethereum 2.0 – eToro Crypto Roundup

Como los resultados se vieron durante días en las elecciones de EE.UU., Bitcoin emergió como un claro ganador. La cripto moneda líder alcanzó máximos de más de 15.000 dólares, antes de retroceder ligeramente cuando las redes de medios anunciaron que Joe Biden entrará en la Casa Blanca.

El repunte de la cripto moneda fue acompañado por un dólar debilitado, que cayó ante las expectativas de que el presidente electo Biden impulsará más medidas de estímulo contra el coronavirus. Esto impulsó al S&P 500 a tener su mejor semana desde abril con ganancias del 7%, pero Immediate Edge se robó el show con un aumento del 13%.

En otros lugares, la manifestación fue apoyada por noticias más alentadoras. La demanda de los productos criptográficos de PayPal ha aumentado y los bancos centrales de todo el mundo, incluidos los de Canadá, Tailandia y Brasil, están impulsando planes de monedas digitales.

Lo más destacado de esta semana

  • Lanzamiento de la estaca del etéreo
  • Las instituciones dejan caer oro para Bitcoin

Lanzamiento de la estaca del etéreo

Esta semana marcó un hito monumental para el Etéreo, que se acercó un paso más al lanzamiento del Etéreo 2.0.

En una entrada de blog el miércoles, la Fundación Ethereum anunció que Ethereum 2.0 finalmente se pondrá en marcha el 1 de diciembre, y que el contrato de apuesta ya está disponible. Desde entonces, casi 50.000 ETH han sido depositados por estacas en ciernes que buscan ayudar a apoyar a la red.

Está previsto que la apuesta por el Ethereum se apoye en eToro, junto con el apoyo existente para Cardano y Tron.

Las instituciones dejan caer oro para Bitcoin

Bitcoin se está comiendo la demanda institucional de oro, según un informe de JPMorgan.

Los datos del banco de inversión muestran que los fondos han estado fluyendo de los ETFs de oro a medida que ha crecido la demanda del Bitcoin Trust de Grayscale, lo que sugiere que las oficinas familiares y los gestores de activos ven cada vez más a Bitcoin como una mejor alternativa que el metal amarillo.

En noticias similares, el veterano inversor Bill Miller dijo a CNBC el viernes que el poder de permanencia de Bitcoin mejora „cada día“ y que „todos los grandes bancos“ tendrán eventualmente exposición a Bitcoin o a un activo similar.

La semana que viene

Después de hacer grandes ganancias durante cinco semanas consecutivas, Bitcoin se está acercando al máximo de todos los tiempos. Sin embargo, a medida que el precio sube, el indicador del sentimiento criptográfico se tambalea hacia la avaricia extrema, sugiriendo que podría haber un retroceso.

Sin embargo, con la pandemia todavía en aumento y el debilitamiento del dólar en la política monetaria relajada, es probable que los comerciantes continúen buscando tiendas alternativas de valor como Bitcoin.

Si la subida continúa, el siguiente nivel de resistencia se sitúa en 16.000 dólares. Más allá de esto, Bitcoin se enfrenta a la prueba final en el pico de 2017 de poco menos de 20K$.

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O ex-Goldman Sachs Exec Raoul Pal diz

O ex-Goldman Sachs Exec Raoul Pal diz: „Bitcoin está comendo o mundo“

Na terça-feira (27 de outubro), Raoul Pal explicou por que ele acredita que nos próximos 18 meses se tornará cada vez mais aparente que „o desempenho de Bitcoin é SO dominante“ que „possuir qualquer outro ativo não faz quase nenhum sentido“.

Antes de fundar o serviço de pesquisa macroeconômica e estratégia de investimento GMI em 2005, Pal co-gerenciou o GLG Global Macro Fund em Londres para a empresa global de gestão Bitcoin Code de ativos GLG Partners (que agora é chamada de „Man GLG“). Antes disso, Pal trabalhou na Goldman Sachs, onde ele co-geria os negócios de venda de fundos de hedge europeus em Ações e Derivativos de Ações. Atualmente, ele é o CEO do canal de vídeos financeiros e comerciais Real Vision, que ele co-fundou em 2014.

Em uma tweetstorm enviada ontem, Pal descreveu Bitcoin como „um buraco negro supermassivo que está sugando tudo ao seu redor e o está destruindo“. Ele então procedeu para explicar o que ele quis dizer. Ele o fez usando gráficos que comparavam o desempenho do Bitcoin – durante o último período de três anos – com o ouro, o Nasdaq, ações bancárias, títulos, commodities, balanço do banco central G4, prata, ações da Amazônia (AMZN), e ações de maçã (AAPL).

E o Nasdaq é o próximo… as especificações de varejo vão virar para bitcoin à medida que ele almoça com os técnicos… pic.twitter.com/Xyku51U1Gn
– Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI) 27 de outubro de 2020

Commodities… no espelho retrovisor e em direção aos mínimos de TODOS OS TEMPO… pic.twitter.com/QLsCgj1RVQ
– Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI) 27 de outubro de 2020

Pal concluiu dizendo que Bitcoin é a melhor oportunidade de investimento/comércio que ele já encontrou:

O buraco negro supermassivo vai sugar em tudo.

Mais uma vez, esta é a melhor oportunidade de comércio/investimento e futuro que eu já encontrei e tem o poder de dar ao pequeno uma chance de agarrar sua parte da criação de riqueza antes que Wall Street o faça. Agarrá-la.
– Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI) 27 de outubro de 2020

Na edição de abril de 2020 do boletim do GMI, Pal explicou porque ele acredita que Bitcoin, que ele chama de „o futuro“, poderia um dia ter uma avaliação de 10 trilhões de dólares. Naquela edição, Pal disse que a idéia de uma avaliação de 10 trilhões de dólares para Bitcoin não é tão louca:

„Afinal, não é apenas uma moeda ou mesmo uma reserva de valor. É todo um sistema financeiro e contábil confiável, verificado e seguro de valor digital que nunca pode ser criado fora do algoritmo criptográfico…

„Não é nada menos do que o futuro de todo nosso sistema de câmbio, e do próprio dinheiro e da plataforma em que ele opera“.

Então, em 7 de outubro, durante uma entrevista com Daniela Cambone, Editora Geral e Âncora da Stansberry Research, Pal disse que Bitcoin tem uma alocação de 50% em sua carteira pessoal de investimentos e que ele está considerando vender seu ouro para comprar mais Bitcoin.

„Essa tem sido uma narrativa contínua“. Estou envolvido no Bitcoin desde 2012. Tem sido uma narrativa contínua que no início disto eu sabia que a única resposta seria reduzir todas as taxas de juros a zero e provavelmente negativas e depois um estímulo maciço além de qualquer coisa que já tenhamos visto antes.

„Portanto, a primeira fase eu quero estar envolvido no Bitcoin“

Então, eu comprei na venda, acrescentei às minhas posições, e agora estou começando a ver o navio rumo às insolvências e a única resposta é mais dos bancos centrais.

„Então, foi por isso que comecei a comprar mais e mais Bitcoin. Tecnicamente, a configuração está certa. Obviamente, tivemos a redução pela metade, e apenas a fase de adoção – o que está acontecendo com as instituições – é como se fosse o momento perfeito…

„Provavelmente está acima de 50% agora. Realmente, eu reduzi o dinheiro, coloquei isso em Bitcoin. Minhas posições comerciais são relativamente pequenas porque acho que não há tantas oportunidades como na Bitcoin. Portanto, na verdade, principalmente um pouco de dinheiro, algum ouro e Bitcoin, e estou até brincando com a idéia de vender meu ouro para comprar mais Bitcoin Bitcoin“.

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Dinheiro Bitcoin Sustentando a Tendência Atual como Comércio de Moedas Marginalmente

A BCH está em tendência de alta, já que a moeda é negociada na zona de tendência de alta

Espera-se que a BCH esteja em uma tendência de alta, uma vez que a moeda é negociada na zona de tendência de alta. Os compradores estão no controle à medida que elevam os preços acima do nível de suporte de $250.

Há uma certeza de um movimento ascendente de crypto Bank se o impulso atual acima do suporte de $250 for mantido. Hoje, o mercado subiu para 272 dólares no momento em que foi escrito.

Estamos esperando que o mercado atinja um máximo de US$ 300. Da mesma forma, a BCH atingiu uma alta de $320 em agosto antes da retomada da tendência de queda. No entanto, o movimento ascendente do BCH é muito frágil, pois a moeda pode facilmente cair abaixo de $250 se os touros não conseguirem sustentar o impulso de alta. Uma quebra abaixo de $250 de baixa significará uma queda ainda maior.

Leitura do indicador Bitcoin Cash

A BCH está no nível 67 do período 14 do Índice de Força Relativa. Ele indica que a moeda está na zona de tendência de alta. Ela é capaz de um novo movimento ascendente. O preço do BCH quebra a linha de tendência de queda e fecha acima dela. Isto, aliás, significa uma mudança na tendência se o preço atual não cair na zona de limite.

  • Zonas de Resistência Chave: $440, $480, $520
  • Zonas chave de apoio: $200, $160, $120

Qual é o próximo passo para o Bitcoin Cash?

O altcoin já cruzou a resistência inicial acima da alta de $265. Em 15 de outubro, a resistência da BCH foi de 265 dólares. O movimento ascendente proposto provavelmente começará na atual tendência de alta de hoje. A BCH subirá para o nível 1.618 de extensão Fibonacci. Em outras palavras, a moeda atingirá um máximo de $299,25.

Isenção de responsabilidade. Esta análise e previsão são as opiniões pessoais do autor que não são uma recomendação para comprar ou vender moeda criptográfica e não devem ser vistas como um endosso da Coin Idol. Os leitores devem fazer suas próprias pesquisas antes de investir fundos.

A tendência de crescimento do etéreo está enfrentando uma resistência menor a $420

É provável que o impulso positivo do etéreo continue à medida que os touros quebrarem a resistência com a alta de US$ 395. Espera-se que o mercado chegue a uma alta de $440, pois o movimento de preços enfrentará pouca resistência.

No entanto, a maior resistência ressurgirá com a alta de 440 dólares. No entanto, uma quebra acima de $440 de resistência catapultará a moeda para uma alta de $480.

Enquanto isso, a tendência de alta está enfrentando uma resistência menor a $420 à medida que o preço se retrai para retomar um movimento lateral abaixo dele. A tendência atual de alta é provável que continue à medida que o preço retrai a resistência menor. Além disso, a moeda está sendo negociada na região de sobre-compra do mercado. A retração foi causada pela tentativa dos vendedores de empurrar os preços para baixo. O éter está sendo negociado a $412 no momento em que foi escrito.